Syracuse / Brooklyn / New York


Hyon Woo Chung

Dillon Pranger

Tanvi Marina Rao 

Kojo Quainoo

Minghuan Xie

Hao Zheng 

 Memorandum No. 1 

This is the first in a series of Memorandums on Architecture. They will act as a repository for ideas. They are the formulation of a projective project.


1: an informal record; also: a written reminder

2: a short note designating something to be done or acted upon in the future


Architecture is the simplest means for modulating reality

Architecture can and should create new laws of arrangement

Architecture can alter the reaction of an era on everyday life



Architects are not mediators of law or a consultant of aesthetics

Architects avoid whim through the conception of design mechanisms

Architects are critical practitioners of concepts



Architecture like film is perceived as a sequence of events

Architecture is unfolded by the experience of movement

Architecture is more than an image



Architecture must advance by creating emotionally moving situations

Architecture must construct ensembles of impressions

Architecture must condition ambiences



We must excavate the conceptual fragments that haunt our imagination